VIVA maintains a staff of environmental professionals that can assist clients in situations where the risk of Hantavirus exposure may be present. VIVA personnel are certified to wear the protective equipment necessary when working in areas that are suspected to be contaminated.


Specialized Hantavirus remediation equipment maintained by VIVA includes Foggers and Black Lights.

Hantavirus projects begin with interviews and an on site visit in order to assess the situation. Hanta virus decontamination process include fogging the entire area with an antibacterial soap, the fogging permeates through all open areas where crews might not be able to reach. After fogging, VIVA personnel wipe all surfaces with the antibacterial solution from the ceiling to the floor. VIVA is able to accommodate the schedules of the client to minimize the amount of disturbance to daily operations. VIVA also provides decontamination of Ebola and the Zika Virus