VIVA’s professional staff is experienced in analyzing and designing stormwater facilities for the industrial sector. VIVA is also experienced with the EPA’s Phase II Stormwater permitting requirements, which include developing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for industrial facilities.

VIVA has performed stormwater analyses and developed conceptual designs to prevent soil erosion. VIVA has conducted hydrologic analysis using the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) HEC-1 hydrologic software to develop hydraulic models of streams and arroyos. VIVA uses 3-D mapping, digital aerial photography and geographical information systems to perform studies and develop storm water control designs.

VIVA has also provided engineering support to prevent contamination by hydrocarbon pollution in runoff water to surrounding soils. In addition, VIVA has conducted assessments and evaluations of existing facilities and has provided design, cost estimations, construction, and standard operating procedure development for various sites.

VIVA is prepared for floods with numerous pumps and equipment to provide response and relief 24/7.